The Professional Paralgeal


Paralegal” is synonymous with “Legal Assistant”. 
Which means, I assist the public and professionals. I am defined as a person who is qualified through education, training, and work experience to perform substantive legal work that requires knowledge of many legal concepts and is customarily, but not exclusively performed by a lawyer.

Therefore, I may be retained or employed by a Judge, lawyer, law office, governmental agency, or other entity or may be authorized by administrative, statutory, or court authority. 

If asked, I assist “Pro Bono Publico” which allows me to provide or assist to provide quality legal services in
order to enhance access to justice for persons of limited means; charitable, religious, civic, community, 
governmental and educational organizations in matters that are designed primarily to address the legal needs of
persons with limited means; or individuals, groups or organizations seeking to secure or protect civil rights,
civil liberties or public rights. 

I remain,

Mrs. Rose Marie C. Leo
Paralegal/Notary Public at Large
e-mail :

~~Pro Se means “For Yourself.” It refers to people who represent themselves in court or with a non-court legal problem. There are a lot of websites that provide some pro se information. Some are good. Some are not. Some charge money for their pro se help and information. Some do not. If you have to represent yourself in court or deal with a legal problem by yourself, be careful. Even if you are going to represent yourself or try to solve your own legal problem, you might want to talk with an attorney to be sure there are no hidden legal problems.

>NOTICE: and staff are not attorneys and cannot give advice regarding your legal situation. 
I am multifaceted, but can be focused for my clients, supporting individuals, small and large companies in various business counseling services. 

As a Florida Federal & State litigation support Paralegal, 
Notary Public of the State of Florida, and Marketing/Public Relations/Events/Talent Manager. I thrive for the small business owner, who needs a temporary right or left hand person to meet his/her business goals.