Success for Sale!

Success for Sale!

Tough love.Image

“You want success. Are you willing to pay the price for it?

How much discouragement can you stand?

How much bruising can you take?

How long can you hold on in the face of obstacles?

Have you the grit to try to do what others failed to do? Daily and without complaining?

Have you the nerve to attempt things that the average woman or man would never dream of tackling?

Have you the persistence to keep on trying after repeated failures?


Can you cut out luxuries?

Can you do without things that others/peers consider necessities?

Can you go up against skepticism, ridicule and friendly advice to quit, without flinching?

Can you keep your mind steadily on the single object you are pursuing, resisting all temptations to divide your attention and time?

Are you strong on the finish as well as quick at the start?

Success is sold in the open market. You can buy it– any person can.

Are you willing to pay the price.” Yes. you are a winner.


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