The call came in. It was my sister….. excitedly blurting out the news that our birth mother is in town and would like to see us……

Me being the oldest daughter of 6, taken or given  from my birth mom at the tender age of two. I needed to make a choice to see her or not.

So here is my answer:

This “meeting” comes in the month and anniversary of my mother (adopted) been off our Earth since 2005.  I am thinking about her always.


I do not despise my birth mother. Grateful she gave me a chance at a new life…. the timing is just off.  Forging the day with business meetings and family issues.  No time to focus on the past.  Perhaps, one day…….. on my terms…. if not too late…… we may sit down for a  coffee and chat.

What are your thoughts…………….. Would love to read them. R~





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