Hair Crayons for children. Funlights™ Hairlights™ NON TOXIC ..NO MORE SPRAYS OR CHALK FOR HAIR!!!!

Funlights™ Hairlights™ the new hair color craze for children of all ages. Interested in the chalking trend but wish you had an easier solution for temporary, affordable, at home hair streaking in fun colors without the fuss or mess? Now you do, from award winning inventor Andrea Rose®; Funlights™ Hairlights™ an innovative patent pending, non- toxic, vitamin enriched temporary hair color product made in the U.S.A. Funlights™ has all of the fun of chalking but none of the drawbacks.

Funlights™ Hairlights™ is an innovative, fun-to-use product that comes in great colors for tweens, teens, and young adults. Simple and easy to use, Funlights™ instantly puts great streaks of color in your hair. Funlights™ washes out, is all natural, and contains no toxic chemicals. Just turn the applicator and apply Funlights™, and in seconds you have a new fashion look! Choose from our array of fun colors! – See more at:

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