The first steps to get your product to market (FASHION)


While there are lots of different ways for the esmilentrepreneur to win in the personal branding/merchandising market. Here are some best ways.

Work with me.

Private Consulting if you’re looking for a recommendation, consider my course for start-ups. $1,000.00 per day.

Do you want to design garments, jewelry or accessories?

Is there a true market for it?  We will research stores, speak with owners/and or buyers.  We will ask, “What is it you would love to buy for your store, but you cannot find in the marketplace?” We listen to what they say and keep great detailed notes. We will give you honest feedback.

Online research: What are people searching for? How does your business compare?. Compare these searches. A) “XXX for XXX” turns up 12,600,000 results. B) “XXX for XXX” gets just 547,000 results. My suggestion: Pick “A” and then perhaps, narrow it down to an even tighter niche within the XXXXXXX. We will show you how and what this means.

Make a sample (prototype)–If you feel there’s a market out there for your product, or new business, then it’s time to get a sample made. There are many, many different ways to do this but I’ll stick with the cheapest, easiest way for now. Assume you only want a working prototype so you can show other people your idea in the flesh. First, you need a good sketch of what you want to make – starting with one item only.  Find a local artist and get a non compete or a nda signed before you show anyone your idea.

After you have a good rendering, you can take this to get a pattern and a sample made. You will need an industry pattern maker and sample maker who knows how to make prototypes.


My connection is Mr. Albert of the House of Albert.  He can be used for production, not just one-off samples. They are very different. Sew yourself perhaps one sample of the garment. You should always know how that garment is put together.

Following these steps and we can help you find out of your garment product launch is a good idea.  If you need help finding out if your idea makes financial sense –  or will you have the margins to make money, what are common pitfalls in your niche and how much will this business cost you to start.


Learn the process of starting a clothing line, step-by-step,  and become a pro yourself.

I offer an intensive online (do at your own pace) course for Startups.

Contact me at




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