About the author of Mainstream Magazine 

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About the author of Mainstream Magazine

Rose Marie Leo is an award seeking and highly skilled communications specialist with +20 years of experience in the field of law, writing, talent procurement, internal and/or external communication, event management, crisis management, marketing and Public Relations.  What allows her to stand out from the others in her field of expertise is that she controls communication, helping many speakers, actors, models and business owners enter the stage.

It’s simple: if it isn’t interesting or relevant enough to your target market, expect a switch of interest. Miss Leo has a special interest in small business personal branding with a flare of art. Success is doing not trying.  Located in Palm Beach, Florida, she’s determined to help as many new business as she can to become successful people and companies. She leaves her clients with the ability to communicate their goods or services to the public in an expedient and cost effective manner.

Where to find Rose:

@RoseLeo Twitter– are tweets about all politics

facebook.com/roseleo  Facebook are social media family and friends and

https://www.linkedin.com/in/roseleo/ addresses her CV for marketing and her life skill set.  Contact her at TvMediaRelations@aol.com

We strive to provide a standard framework for legal and business professionals worldwide to develop, implement and maintain successful social media management and social media operational strategies.

We are available to inform your employees, by helping them improve their track record teaching them various tactics of social media brand development and the social media management profession.

Private Client Group 
Public Client Group 
[in-d uh- vij-oo- uhl]
a single human being, as distinguished from a group.

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