SINGLE NEWS: Single & Wavy? Issues of Reflection.

WINNERSIf you are a teen, millennial or if you are just wavering as a single person in 2017, this article can be a blessing or a game changer.   Many new opportunities might present you daily and it can be confusing to some. You may ask yourself “which one do I choose or which one should I lose.” The best advise a person may give someone may be not be information enough for you to fully get “the big picture” or their views are just different then yours.  In those situations–  I suggest Reflection.

charl1Reflections may mean to some, a small amount of time spent on inner thoughts about oneself or hours. Reflections can mean “coming full circle” with your friends, perhaps a dream or even your career path. Maybe the job you took and thought it would be simple –is not so simple, or a friend is not the person you thought he or she was.  Coming to age in 2017 and/or being a single teen or adult maybe a life long struggle to some and some of us may never grow up.


Here is how to start to reflect.  I have a few simple questions to help you process and kick-start your brain.

Ask these questions of yourself:

  • Do I like where I live?
  • Where do I want to live– five years from now?
  • Do I like what I do to make money?
  • Do I need to make money daily to be self sufficient?  Can I start my own business?

An easy list of pros and cons for a relationship or job can help you beyond belief.  If one out weighs the other, than you need to reflect on that fact and plan for changes.

Come back for more updates and incites.


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