SPOTLIGHT ON MOMS: Future Mother of the Year!!

revlon woamSuch a Bittersweet Weekend I’m having… I work my last shift tonight at the place that totally made Strong, taught me family values, and that I for sure will never be able to cook! 😂 In 18 months, I have my own home, a routine for my family, no more long hour work weeks of juggling a schedule that I still do not know how it worked, I get to read my children books and devotions every night now! My weekends are jam packed with my children and adventures! I never would have ever been able to do any if it without my family and friends!!! I’m so excited for the new chapters, for my company to eventually go to bigger places, to see the many more failures I’m going to learn from, The future is bright and that is because with Gods hand my vision anything is possible! ONLY YOU CAN CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT! #Doyou #Foryou!!!

Cericksen9 (Snapchat)




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