ADVICE: So, {looks you up and down} you want to be a model or actor?


You are in luck. 

I especially cater to the novice & semi-pro model.

I will teach you how to feel confident and eager to take your business to the next level. You will have your own business and I am a “Model Mentor”.

Many books and articles have been written on the “Principles of modeling”, and you can read them until the cows come home.

You will need these two (2) words — “Dedication & Perseverance.”

Self discipline is another word and it is a MUST!!  if you want to become successful in the business of Modeling.

I have been extremely successful in helping models/actors achieve their goals.

I offer ONE-ON-ONE, coaching helping  you to find the answers to your questions and putting you in touch with a real fashion designer who works with all types of models.

I have sessions that are available as a live video conference,or if preferred, via phone call.

Do do not delay.. Ask away!!!!

Tit for Tat….

Marketing— Become a Marketing coordinator, marketing manager and project manager, responsible for creating brand strategies, overseeing multi-media campaigns and managing client relationships. YOUR OWN.. You are the PRODUCT.

Freelancing-– writing, graphic design and social media, business project management, accounting and web development.

Experiment with alternative work arrangements and keep your costs down while staying competitive.

These skills can be learned, even if you don’t know how to marketing yourself, communicate with clients, coordinate projects, bill clients or pay your taxes.  I will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

I need to manage your time…

You will be required to work on multiple projects, competing deadlines, making scheduling and organization skills are critical.

For those who have trouble juggling multiple projects at once, a better strategy might be to find one or two steady, long-term clients and hire me as your Manager.

Learn how much you are worth and how we set reasonable rates for your services. You are not a SUPERMODEL yet so, don’t expect millions at a time.

I wont under-sell you either. Learn what T4P or Time for PRINTS is … BLAH….. Don’t do it!!!! “Some freelancers put in more time than they’re billing,”.

“Be realistic about what you need to make it worth it.”


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