OPINION: Something about typographical errors. I love them.

There is something about a typographical error that I just love.


The bully

A sneaky miss-spelled word, a period in the middle of a sentence.  People read it. You missed it. Don’t worry, for a typo mean you are human.  A program or a spell checker would fix a sneaky typo and pretend like it was never there, but it did exist.

Typographical errors is a fraudulent slip of the “digits” and “digits” like 010101010001111000 are in a computer.  Computers are hard to contend with, but who put them there?  Human “digits”.!!

A word of advise for your “digits”,  if you see you are typing and making many errors in typing, knowing you are a pretty good typesetter, try to understand that your fingers or “Digits” are weary and perhaps, over used.  When this happen to me, I rest my fingers for 15 min., while rubbing them gently.

book design

Go ahead and typo a way.   If you miss a few words in proof reading, don’t worry.   In the old days any written word before print needed to be read at least 10 times by different people for grammar and spelling errors. Some say they will, but don’t let anyone judge you, because you are human. No one should judge you.  Their typos, if they write on the web were just hidden and fixed before it got to your eyes.

Have a typographical error story. Did you ever get embarrassed because you sent a text or wrote a webpaper filled with grammar or typos? Share your story here:


“In a sea of buttons, be the one that gets sewn on tightly.” Rose


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