INSPIRATION|On The Wings Of Love

When you find out that a former classmate or friend, is nearing the end of his/her battle with cancer, you many come to regret that you did not know him/her better in school or in life.

A friend of a friend could of proudly served with the United States Air Force and used that advantage to satisfy his/her curiosity about art and culture.   Unlike many who are at best tourists he/she was a traveler who embraced what life and it’s experiences had to offer.  An avid rafter he/she also had an understanding of the spirituality of nature. Unlike many of the current generation he/she had curiosity and pursued where it lead.


On the wings of Love

Combined with the depth of soul and spirit which he/she displayed he symbolized what this picture means.

As we watch he/she gracefully go into that good night we hope that his/her legacy will be remembered by those around him/her, especially the younger people whose book on their life has many chapters yet to be written.

I regret that he/she was never well enough since his/her illness to take me up on my invitation to visit me, discuss art and the making of the contemporary soul.

When his/her time comes, I will not post about it, but instead honor him/her by trying to live up to the inspiration he/she gave to the world.  JB


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