MONEY | It doesn’t make cents, it makes dollars.

heart-roses1Sometimes, you get that rare moment to change someones life.  A simple exchange of knowledge executed in perfect timing can make or break a teaching moment.

Here is a story that does just that.

A sales girl/boy just began to give me back my change from a purchase I just made.

SIDE BAR– Pet peeve –how people count the change they give back to you.

The first thing I do, is stick out my hand, low and behold I get a wad of three singles, a five, a ten and five pennies stacked on top of my bills, while girl bellows “eighteen dollars is your change.”

I ask what is the final price of my items. RESPONSE: Two dollars and ninety five cents and you gave me a twenty.

I gently drop the change to the counter as it rolls off the wad in my hand.  I begin to count out loud– the change makes three, the five fifteen and the ten twenty.  She/he looked at me for a few seconds and said “wow, I never thought to count change back to people that way.”


I say Thank you very much and sashay away.


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