SELF-AWARENESS | Who you choose to become is entirely up to you.



Gone are the days of playing with dolls. Talking to them and pretending they are your best friends.  For those of you who grew up playing with a doll houses, plastic army figures and GI Joe’s, this article may bring back some memories. For the readers who missed out on doll and toy play, hugs from me to you.

A child’s imagination allows them to take a glimpse/gimps into the future. To pretend what life would be like as an adult. We pretend to drive a camper/car, live in a doll house or cook with play food. Some of us even pretend to have children and even get married.

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Can you imagine that!  Children caring for children. I see limited imagination play today and with those seniority figures growing up today and not having experiencing pretend time is just disappointing to me.  So, if you ever wanted a doll, I found one on e bay for you.

As we grow, some would argue, men and women become more aware of their surroundings, tending to gravitate towards certain interests that they themselves internally fantasized about as a child thus creating their career choices.

SIDE BAR | The photos in this article is an original Chrissy doll. My Dear Mother saved her for me. I hope to pass it down to a wonderful little girl some day.

I am very sorry, you can’t have mine, but I found this nice one on e bay  Chrissy doll. 

eBay item number:

the Chrissy doll. 


This is a very clean vintage 1969 Ideal Toy Co, item No. 1051-2, “Beautiful Crissy with hair that grows and grows and grows” doll with original orange lace dress, orange shoes and box. The box show signs of age plus somebody “decorated” parts of the box -see pictures. The doll is very clean, the shoes look clean, but the under pants have lost their elasticity, probably due to age. One snap on the back of the dress has come detached, but is still there (both sides). Her eyes close when she is laid down. Her hair is an issue. It needs to be brushed/combed. I’ll leave that up to her next owner. Also, since it needs to be groomed, it is just short of the bottom of her dress when pulled out. Then, when winding it back in, it seems a little tight. However, looking at the pictures on the box, this appears to be the correct length.


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