SELF-AWARENESS | Who you choose to become is entirely up to you.



Gone are the days of playing with dolls. Talking to them and pretending they are your best friends.  For those of you who grew up playing with a doll houses, plastic army figures and GI Joe’s, this article may bring back some memories. For the readers who missed out on doll and toy play, hugs from me to you.

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PUBLISHING| #Self #publishing has become easier with #Amazon group of companies.



About CreateSpace

CreateSpace LogoThrough theirservices, you can sell books, CDs, and DVDs for a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing, while maintaining more control over your materials. They make it simple to distribute your books, music, and video through Internet retail outlets, your own website, and other bookstores, retailers, libraries, and academic institutions. Get started today!

CreateSpace is a DBA of On-Demand Publishing LLC, part of the Amazon group of companies.


They were originally founded as CustomFlix Labs, Inc. and BookSurge Inc.

CustomFlix launched in 2002 when four colleagues decided to make widespread distribution easier for independent filmmakers—they started CustomFlix, a DVD on-Demand company.

BookSurge was launched in 2000 by a small group of writers who wanted to create opportunities for authors to not only publish their work, but to also retain their content rights and sales profits. BookSurge grew to support leading publishers and independent authors, offering complete self-publishing, on-demand printing, and online distribution services.

In 2005, BookSurge and CustomFlix were both acquired by CustomFlix’s name was changed to CreateSpace in 2007. In October of 2009, due to the harmonies that would be created in the businesses, the CreateSpace and BookSurge brands merged under the CreateSpace name to become the publishing and manufacturing on-demand leader for independent content creators, publishers, film studios, and music labels.


CASTING CALL| International Model Casting

He loves to have fun. And you will too. I personally vouch for Andres Aquino. He is a wonderful personal friend. He will put you in shows, if you are chosen. This is what Fashion Models dream of.  No doubt check it out!!
Andres Aquino producer Couture Fashion Week introducing “Fashion Changing Lives”.


Model Casting. Paying job. Great adventures. Be known. All expenses paid travel around the world. The good life!
Looking for 12 models for global product promotion campaign and TV show
• Must have passport and able to travel.
• Min 3-months commitment that may extend to 12 months
• Be articulate
• Photogenic
• Fun and full of energy
• Comfortable in front of the video and people in person
• Comfortable with crowd and press
• Friendly and easy going signing autographs for fan club
• Active in social media
• Excellent shape
• Gorgeous welcome
• Bilingual or multilingual will be an asset
• No younger than 18 years old.

Please message me directly. Send photo or link to your page and brief paragraph tell me if you what requirements you meet to qualify.
Please share this post with all gorgeous models.
Fashion by Andres AquinoFanny TorresJaqueline BackerAQ


An invitation from the most dynamic city in the world to Couture Fashion Week New York, 26th season. Shows and parties. We will be waiting for YOU, Sept 8-10, 2017 TICKETS:
(C) Andres Aquino


Dominican designer Ariel Cedeno will return to Couture Fashion Week New York with the presentation of his latest inspired collection. Part of the prestigious event’s 26th season, the fashion show will be held at 8:00 pm on Sunday September 10, 2017 in the Broadway Ballroom of the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, 1605 Broadway, New York City. Ariel Cedeno is one of the Dominican Republic’s top fashion designers.

ADVICE: So, {looks you up and down} you want to be a model or actor?


You are in luck. 

I especially cater to the novice & semi-pro model.

I will teach you how to feel confident and eager to take your business to the next level. You will have your own business and I am a “Model Mentor”.

Many books and articles have been written on the “Principles of modeling”, and you can read them until the cows come home.

You will need these two (2) words — “Dedication & Perseverance.”

Self discipline is another word and it is a MUST!!  if you want to become successful in the business of Modeling.

I have been extremely successful in helping models/actors achieve their goals.

I offer ONE-ON-ONE, coaching helping  you to find the answers to your questions and putting you in touch with a real fashion designer who works with all types of models.

I have sessions that are available as a live video conference,or if preferred, via phone call.

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