SELF-AWARENESS | Who you choose to become is entirely up to you.



Gone are the days of playing with dolls. Talking to them and pretending they are your best friends.  For those of you who grew up playing with a doll houses, plastic army figures and GI Joe’s, this article may bring back some memories. For the readers who missed out on doll and toy play, hugs from me to you.

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PUBLISHING| #Self #publishing has become easier with #Amazon group of companies.



About CreateSpace

CreateSpace LogoThrough theirservices, you can sell books, CDs, and DVDs for a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing, while maintaining more control over your materials. They make it simple to distribute your books, music, and video through Internet retail outlets, your own website, and other bookstores, retailers, libraries, and academic institutions. Get started today!

CreateSpace is a DBA of On-Demand Publishing LLC, part of the Amazon group of companies.


They were originally founded as CustomFlix Labs, Inc. and BookSurge Inc.

CustomFlix launched in 2002 when four colleagues decided to make widespread distribution easier for independent filmmakers—they started CustomFlix, a DVD on-Demand company.

BookSurge was launched in 2000 by a small group of writers who wanted to create opportunities for authors to not only publish their work, but to also retain their content rights and sales profits. BookSurge grew to support leading publishers and independent authors, offering complete self-publishing, on-demand printing, and online distribution services.

In 2005, BookSurge and CustomFlix were both acquired by CustomFlix’s name was changed to CreateSpace in 2007. In October of 2009, due to the harmonies that would be created in the businesses, the CreateSpace and BookSurge brands merged under the CreateSpace name to become the publishing and manufacturing on-demand leader for independent content creators, publishers, film studios, and music labels.


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OPINION |Perception is everything.


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TRAVEL | Washington, D.C., Capital Building


Son’s first visit

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PETS |Catnip craze

Are there any alternatives to catnip?


July 24, 2017, 8:32 a.m.
A cat relaxes on a chair with some catnip

Some cats just enjoy relaxing with a bit of catnip. (Photo: Anna Hoychuk/Shutterstock)

If you own a feline friend, you’ve probably offered her catnip. Some pets think catnip is kitty heaven, but what about those that turn up their persnickety noses?

Here’s the scoop on the feline favorite and some options if catnip doesn’t make your cat swoon.

How catnip works

Nepeta cataria, a perennial herb of the mint family, is the true catnip plant that enthralls many felines. Native to Europe and Asia, it’s now common in many parts of the world, including much of the U.S. and southern Canada.

The chemical compound nepetalactone is what’s responsible for attracting and stimulating cats and is found in both the leaves and the stems of the plant. So what exactly does catnip do to cats?

Although we think catnip has a magical effect on all kitties, for some cats, it does nothing. They sniff it and move on. For other cats, smelling catnip makes them go bonkers. According to the Humane Society of the United States, researchers believe that catnip targets feline “happy” receptors in the brain. When eaten, however, it can have the opposite effect, and make your cat mellow out.

Catnip is said to have a similar effect on cats that marijuana has on humans. Cats often react by rolling, flipping around, rubbing, jumping and eventually just zoning out. Sometimes they growl or meow, or they can become hyper or aggressive if you go near them. Some owners use it to reduce anxiety in housebound cats.

The effects usually last for about 10-15 minutes and then wear off. Young kittens aren’t attracted to the smell of catnip. Cats can get sick if they eat too much. If a cat is habitually exposed to it, it could lose interest in the once-enticing herb.

Catnip alternatives

Valerian flowersValerian may make us humans sleepy, but it peps up kitties. (Photo: Martin Fowler/Shutterstock)

Russell Swift has practiced holistic veterinary medicine in south Florida for more than 25 years and now formulates nutritional supplements for Pet’s Friend. “Since only a minority of cats respond to catnip, I have worked with many other natural options,” he says.

L-theanine, a compound from green tea, is one of Swift’s favorites. He starts with 50 milligrams and works his way up from there.

“It won’t sedate, but will often calm,” Swift says. “Valerian root and kava kava are herbal alternatives to catnip but are more sedating than theanine. I start with one-fifth of the human dose.”

The active ingredient in valerian root is actinidine. Cat owners add valerian to their pet’s food or stuff it in a toy. It has a similar stimulating effect to catnip, but it has a strong urine smell that some can’t take.

The flowers of Actinidia polygama, or silver vineActinidia polygama, or silver vine, is a popular cat treat in Asia. (Photo: Qwert1234/Wikimedia Commons)

Silver vine, or Actinidia polygamais, is another alternative. It’s also known as Japanese catnip since it’s the most popular cat treat in Asia. Its active ingredient is also actinidine and can have a more powerful effect than catnip, so it’s a good idea to try it with your cat in very small doses.

Acalypha indica, also known as cat grass or Indian nettle, is a medicinal plant that is common in West Africa. The effect of Acalypha indica is said to be more powerful than catnip, but only the root of the plant is attractive to cats. Lemongrass, a native herb to India and Sri Lanka, is another option.

Swift says he never used catnip that much in his practice.

“Most cats didn’t go for it. It is known as a digestive tract herb in humans,” he said.

Household kitties aren’t the only ones smitten by the allure of catnip. The tantalizing herb can also have a similar effect on big cats, like lions, tigers and cougars.

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MONEY | It doesn’t make cents, it makes dollars.

heart-roses1Sometimes, you get that rare moment to change someones life.  A simple exchange of knowledge executed in perfect timing can make or break a teaching moment.

Here is a story that does just that.

A sales girl/boy just began to give me back my change from a purchase I just made.

SIDE BAR– Pet peeve –how people count the change they give back to you.

The first thing I do, is stick out my hand, low and behold I get a wad of three singles, a five, a ten and five pennies stacked on top of my bills, while girl bellows “eighteen dollars is your change.”

I ask what is the final price of my items. RESPONSE: Two dollars and ninety five cents and you gave me a twenty.

I gently drop the change to the counter as it rolls off the wad in my hand.  I begin to count out loud– the change makes three, the five fifteen and the ten twenty.  She/he looked at me for a few seconds and said “wow, I never thought to count change back to people that way.”


I say Thank you very much and sashay away.

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Welcome to the Official Guido George Lombardi Website

Source: Welcome to the Official Guido George Lombardi Website

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