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Polls v. Statics | Are people polls fair and balanced?

In a reasonable persons mind, a poll is a sample that which is taken out of a larger quantity as a fair representation of the whole; a part shown as evidence of the quality of the whole. 189 P. 2d … Continue reading

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Q & A : What movie traumatized you as a child?

What movie traumatized you as a child?  If you do not remember the movie try searching the IMDB web site — they may list it.  Grab the listing and paste it here! right here!! in this blog.  Curious to know … Continue reading

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TEEN MENTAL HEALTH: “I will be home for you when you need me.” Does your teen know you are there for them?

Make your bed, pick up any cloths from the night before, properly dispose them or  re hang or draw them. Continue reading

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“I HAD A DREAM!”I know you have heard this quote before, but this is my dream. I did dream that evil was rising from the earth and raining down from the heavens. This evil was man. The politicians, business men, … Continue reading

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