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FASHION | Go ahead go– market yourself You can do it!!

Go ahead go– market yourself You can do it!!



Taylor Abbott — Fashion Model

While there are lots of different ways for you to represent yourself, you can win in the personal branding/merchandising market. Here are some best ways.

  • Do you want to design garments?
  • jewelry or accessories?
  • Is there a true market for it?

Online research: What are people searching for and how does your business compare?.

Make a sample (prototype)–If Assume you only want a working prototype so you can show other people your idea in the flesh. First, you need a good sketch of what you want to make – starting with one item only.  Find a local artist and get a non compete or a nda signed before you show anyone your idea.

After you have a good rendering, you can take this to get a pattern and a sample made. You will need an industry pattern maker and sample maker who knows how to make prototypes.


Connections to get this done is made easy for you here. My connection is Mr. Albert of the House of Albert.  He can be used for production, not just one-off samples. Sew yourself perhaps one sample of the garment. You should always know how that garment is put together.

Following these steps find out of your garment product launch is a good idea.

If you need help finding out if your idea makes financial sense –   Learn the process of starting a clothing line, step-by-step, and you will become a pro yourself.

I offer an intensive online (do at your own pace)
 course for Startups. Contact me at Tvmediarelations@aol.com