Welcome to Lala Land, where napkins, stationary and your scents come alive.


By Cynthia Lala

Giving life to a napkins starts with you.  Paper cocktail napkins or hand-towels can be a reflection of your personality or an accent to your home or office decor.

Choosing the perfect color napkin and the text color is easy, because with a basic napkin choice like white with gold foil, you can allow the napkin to look elegant and make a statement at the same time.

new ad with new phone number Julhhhy



Hot pink   Black 

Black        Sunshine yellow

White       Any dark color

Need more examples?

visit https://www.facebook.com/personallyyoursbycynthia/

“Gifts that people ooh la la for”

Simply Cynthia Stationary                                            
 By Cynthia Lala

Simply Sophisticated stationary made with a twist, a feather and bobble. Made the “old fashioned” way with hand embellished stones, feathers or swarovski crystals.

These beautiful hand embellished cards are made on quality card stock.
My new 2017 ART collection of cards include, but is not limited to:


 Elegant single shoe

 High couture leopard lady

 Single lady with hat(s)

 sexy woman with a cocktail 

Mr. & Mrs. wedding couple

Ooh la la power puff and lipstick

Big hair lady, with sunglasses

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wax melts

Wax Melts for warmers

Common Senses

By Cynthia Lala

Did you know lavender has a calming effect on the senses. Aroma therapy has been around for centuries and my favorite scent is “Ginger Saffron.” This scent is a pungent spicy aroma that is very pleasing to the senses.

                         Candles to cuddle by…


 Candles made the “old fashioned” way.  

Made in the USA.
These sweet smelling candles are made from soy and bees wax.
The hemp wick allows the candle to burn longer and cleaner.


Linen napkin and Paper napkin

Linen and paper napkins should be used in the same manner.
You pick your napkin up when your host or hostess does and, if it is a small napkin, open it up entirely on your lap.
If it is a large dinner napkin, please leave it folded in half on your lap.
Never, ever…tuck it in your shirt or anywhere on your person.
Always use your napkin before you drink so you will not smear the edge of the glass. (men too..)
Always use your napkin after using your fingers to eat approved finger foods. Never lick your fingers after.
Never use your napkin to take anything out of your mouth. When you need to take anything out of your mouth take it out of your mouth the way it went in, clean the pit or bone as much as possible in your mouth, then put it in your spoon or fork with your lips, and then to the edge of your plate. With fruit that is eaten with you hands, you take the pit out of your mouth with your fingers.
When your finished eating, leave your napkin unfolded beside your plate–either side.
Please never roll your napkin in to a ball and throw it on the top of your plate.



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